My Yoga Philosophy


Can you experience joy from your body, from the movement of your body in space, from the engagement of all your senses?

Our bodies are joyful. Our natures are playful! My style of yoga blends playfulness and joy and grace of movement, with the pursuit of stillness and cultivation of compassion.

Awareness and stillness

The physical yoga practice is actually a relatively recent development in yoga history. Asanas (poses) are in fact only one of the eight limbs of yoga. Three of the other eight limbs are ultimately about meditation. Your physical yoga practice is a preparation for meditation - moving the body in such a way that you will be comfortable sitting in stillness, not moving.

And this brings us to the essence of yoga. It is about awareness. Expansion of consciousness. And ultimately stillness. In that stillness, or in that pursuit of stillness, there is much that can be learnt about who you are. For me, yoga therefore means I am in a constant state of learning.

You can think of yoga as a tool - a tool to understand yourself, and others. For me, if I had to reduce yoga to anything it would be compassion.

Asanas - physical yoga

And for me, the challenges of the physical practice can help me access the stillness, the awareness, the compassion. How does your body work? What can you learn from how it feels? Can you develop a relationship to your physicality and your body? Can you let go of concepts of what you should be doing or feeling, so you can be with what is? There is a stilling of the mind that can come from focus on movement and breath and a flowing through a series of poses. The same stillness that others may find when they run, or engage in some other activity that draws them in, entirely.

Tara MarshComment