What is the mermaid thing?

I'm 37 years old and I'm part-mermaid.

Fair enough that people ask "what is the mermaid thing?"

I had a very long Princess phase - one that extended well into my adulthood. I am still sometimes nicknamed Princess T and greeted as Princess. But as I have grown and evolved, my attachment to the princess concept has morphed into something rather different.

As Disney movies and general mythology goes, mermaids are very powerful. The Little Mermaid tale is one of the Disney stories that I have found to have some powerful lessons for girls and women. Ariel is determined, smart, strong. She is the hero. The rebel. She saves the prince.

In general mythology, mermaids often represent the divine feminine. They have represented forces of love and power. 

And for me, being a mermaid some of the time is very much about playfulness. Not taking yourself too seriously, encouraging creative self-expression. It is symbolic of dreams, fantasy, magic, imagination. That's the mermaid thing for me anyway :)


MermaidsTara Marsh